Stamped Concrete/Concrete versus Asphalt Driveways

The benefits of concrete over asphalt and other materials arenít always obvious to a home owner or commercial establishment. In many cases, the initial cost is a large factor in the decision process when choosing one over the other. Itís no secret that asphaltís initial cost is half that of concrete but that is only the initial cost.

Concrete will last 3 times longer then asphalt which makes concrete a more cost effective choice over time due to less maintenance, resurfacing and replacement costs. Other benefits of concrete over asphalt and other materials are appearance. Concrete also doesnít heat up in the summer months causing a semi flexible surface that promotes valleys from auto vehicle weight. It doesnít require regular applications of black asphalt coatings and is simply cleaner.

In conclusion, choosing concrete over other surfaces for driveways would be a logical, cost effective and an attractive choice.

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Concrete Advantages

  • One of the most durable aggregate materials available
  • Longevity
  • Cost-effective in comparison to other materials
  • Virtually endless design possibilities
  • Versatile in blending with other architecture and landscaping
  • Customizable
  • Short installation process